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Reluctant Picks of 2021

Raising A Glass

Behind The Scenes: The Confederacy's Daughters

Podcast: Black Americans and Covered Wagons

The Confederacy's Daughters Dance in Our Heads (2)

The Confederacy's Daughters Dance In Our Heads (1)

To Go With The Wind . . . or not.

Seasonal Update From Non-Boring House

Podcast: The Workhouse Effect

Teddy Roosevelt and King Henry VIII

Psst . . . Hiding From Your In-Laws?

Podcast: Meet Dr. Shirley Moore (Audio)

Video: Meet The Historian! Dr. Shirley Moore, Author of Sweet Freedom's Plains

Black Americans and Covered Wagons

We Come on the Ship They Call The Mayflower

Cool Chinese Imports

Dick Van Dyke and A Country Church

Not Just the Witch Thing

A Change in Plans

A Silence in Two Salems

A Pause

Witch ๐Ÿงน Witch?

Witches Are SO Last Month, You Say? Too Bad. ๐ŸŽƒ

The Northeast US, 2021, Day 2: I Love Lucy

The Northeast US, 2021, Day 1: Some Strange Spell

Go East, Old Woman!

Podcast: How To Be Posh

The Workhouse Effect

Heads Up!

The Resolution of Black Patriots

Shocking Hospitality Fail

What's the Point?

Podcast: The First Day of the Blitz

A Non-Disney Holiday in 1919

Lots of Showing Off!

Virginia Scrambled, with a Side of Bacon

The Vase of Death

Podcast: Slaves Selling in the Deep South

Logs and Mortar of the New Deal

Beowulf with Hoosen, Jr.

Hey, Girl! Don't You Just Love This Pointy Hat?

News from Non-Boring House

Old World Wisconsin

9/11: Still Too Soon

Slaves Selling in the Deep South

Rest on Labor Day

You're A Historian?

Podcast: Let There Be Light? FDR Is In The Dark (2)

Following Ledyard and Margaret in 2021

Relaxing at a National Championship

Podcast: Let There Be Light? FDR Is In The Dark (1)

Absolutely Fabulous at Ten Chimneys? If Only.

What's The Point of Bishop Hoadly?

How to Be Posh

Spain and Spanish Hamburgers in Milwaukee

Podcast: Margaret and Ledyard Go West (2)

The First Day of the Blitz

When Frank Lloyd Wright Seems Wrong: Visiting Taliesin

Podcast: Margaret and Ledyard Go West (1)

Checking Out The Andrew Low House

Moving Product: The Wedgwood Effect

Cheesy Questions

History in My Hand

Podcast: A Black Craigslist

Checking In

The Crystal Palace & The House on the Rock

Podcast: The Remains of the Plague

Behind the Scenes: Being Gene Bullard

Being Gene Bullard

Quick Bulletin from Non-Boring House

Podcast: Rebecca Nurse is Canceled

Win All The Souvenirs of the West!

The West, 2021: Days 24-28: Wildly Western Stories

The West, 2021: Days 21-23: Ribbon Dances in Sacramento

The West, 2021: Days 18-20: Bad Taste, Birds, and Russians

The West, 2021 Day 12: We Getty Art, and Food to (San) Die(go) For

The West, 2021: Days 10-11: Cultural Appropriation!

The West, 2021: Days 8-9: It's Complicated

The West, 2021 Day 7: News from the Trail of the Gold Rush

The West, 2021: Day 6: Do Your Eyes Deceive You? Yes

The West, 2021: Day 5: This Is The Place

The West, 2021: Day 4: Apology to Nebraska

The West, 2021: Day 3: Nebraska. Just . . . Nebraska.

The West, 2021: Day 2: Rolling Across Iowa

The West 2021: Day 1: The Wagon is Packed

The Ruin at Sweetwater Creek

The People Who Never Left

Who Do You Think You Are Kidding, Mr. Hitler?

Why Did She Do It? Rosa Parks, 1955

The World's Most Boring Book

Pilgrimage to Malabar

Meet Me (virtually) In Ohio Sunday

One Month.

From Paris to Malabar to Your Table

Behind the Scenes of "Puritans Gone Wild"

Puritans Gone Wild (Part 2)

Puritans Gone Wild (Part 1)

In the Shed Where He Lives

Behind the Scenes of "Let There Be Light?"

Let There Be Light? FDR Is In the Dark: 1938 (Part 2)

Let There Be Light? FDR Is In the Dark: 1938 (Part 1)

The Man Who Wrote the US Graduation Anthem Offers a Life Tip

Behind the Scenes of "Georgians Light A Candle"

Georgians Light a Candle: A Civil Rights Summit, 1906

So . . . Thoughts so far?

Places I Remember: The Beatles' Childhood Homes

Margaret and Ledyard Go West: 1850 (Part 2)

I Had a Eureka Moment

Margaret and Ledyard Go West: 1850 (Part 1)

Finding George Snow

A Postcard from the Edge of Disaster

Hello! Happy Weekend! Got a Minute?

A Black Craigslist: Virginia, 1660

The Remains of the Plague: A Pandemic Story, 1350

Rebecca Nurse is Canceled: Salem, 1692

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