Aug 25, 2021 • 26M

Podcast: Let There Be Light? FDR Is In The Dark (1)

A President Brings An Amazing Gift to an Adoring Audience . . . And Things Go Wrong.

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Annette Laing
Podcast versions of historian Annette Laing's Annette Tells Tales posts at Non-Boring History, read aloud in Annette's inimitable British accent.
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Man standing at wooden podium on covered outdoor stage
President Franklin Delano Roosevelt addressing the crowd in Barnesville, Georgia, August 11, 1938. Image: Public Domain.


The President can count on huge personal loyalty here in the Deep South, and especially today, when he’s arriving in triumph with new technology for this rural area.

He also plans to say something that, while it would be controversial coming from anyone else, he knows the crowd won't mind when it comes from him. Franklin Delano Roosevelt knows he can count on the enthusiastic support of the folks in Barnesville, Lamar County, Georgia.

Or does he?

This is the podcast version of Annette’s original post at Non-Boring History:

Non-Boring History
Let There Be Light? FDR Is In the Dark: 1938 (Part 1)
.U.S. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) addresses the people of Barnesville, Georgia, August 11, 1938. He’s standing at a specially-built podium that allows the President, who is paralyzed from the waist down, to maintain in public the illusion that he can walk. In 1938, people with disabilities are shut away. They are not the President of the U…
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