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PODCAST Silky Stories (Part 2)

PODCAST Silky Stories (Part 2)

ANNETTE ALOUD How Failed Silkworm Farming Changed the World. And it's Pretty Funny. And Based on a Genius Bit of History by a Famous Musician.
Drawing of silkworm raising in book
Book on silkworm raising in Virginia in 1650. Image: Library of Virginia

Missed Part 1 of this Podcast? Here you go!

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PODCAST Silky Stories (Part 1)
Listen now (67 min) | How Long is This Podcast? 1 hour, four minutes. You get good value at NBH! Note from Annette Today, enjoy one of my periodic podcasts! My next written post, on Saturday, will catch up everyone on News from Non-Boring House, plus, for Nonnies (paid subscribers) only, I’ll…
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How Long is This Podcast? 1 hour, three minutes. You get good value at NBH!

Note from Annette

Today is the podcast version of Part 2 of Silky Stories, my riff on Dr. Ben Marsh’s book Unraveled Dreams. The podcast (above) is free, while the original written version (below) is exclusive to Nonnies (paid subscribers).

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Singing Silky Stories (Part 2: English Version)
How Long Is This Post? About 7,000 words, or 35 minutes. A two-part Tale for a rainy day! 🌧️ ☕ 🕯️ 🍰 Note from Annette Silkworms! Yes, those talented little caterpillars are the unlikely stars of this two-part Annette Tells Tales post, in which I’m riffing on historian Dr. Ben Marsh’s…
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Annette Aloud
Podcast versions of historian Annette Laing's Annette Tells Tales posts at Non-Boring History, read aloud in Annette's inimitable British accent.