Annette Aloud

Podcast versions of historian Annette Laing's Annette Tells Tales posts at Non-Boring History, read aloud in Annette's inimitable British accent.

PODCAST A Woman Who Hated Children Saved ChildrenListen now (57 min) | ANNETTE ALOUD Introducing Listeners to Clare Mulley's The Woman Who Saved the Children, a Brilliant Biography of Eglantyne Jebb…
PODCAST Silky Stories (Part 1)Listen now (67 min) | ANNETTE ALOUD Why Gross Little Silkworms Mattered So Much in Early Spanish America, and Why We Should Care
PODCAST: American Tourists in Europe Become American (Part 2)Listen now (60 min) | ANNETTE ALOUD Put Your Seatbelt On! Americans are Back in Europe, and These Travelers' Stories Are More Fascinating Than Ever.
PODCAST: American Tourists in Europe Become American (Part 1)Listen now | ANNETTE ALOUD Colonial British Americans in Europe Begin To Figure Out What It Means To Be British . . . and American
PODCAST : The President Who Didn't Come HomeListen now | ANNETTE ALOUD A Visit to Lawnfield, the Home of President James A. Garfield, whose presidency only lasted a hundred days.
PODCAST: How Animals (and their people) Went WestListen now (45 min) | ANNETTE ALOUD
PODCAST: The Last Tea PartierListen now (56 min) | ANNETTE ALOUD
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