Apr 19, 2022 • 45M

PODCAST: How Animals (and their people) Went West


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Annette Laing
Podcast versions of historian Annette Laing's Annette Tells Tales posts at Non-Boring History, read aloud in Annette's inimitable British accent.
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Podcast: 45 Minutes

At Non-Boring History, I bring you what I have to say in a variety of formats. Podcasts not your thing? Go to your Substack account at the top right of the Non-Boring History homepage (http://annettelaing.substack.com), and uncheck Annette Aloud! Easy!


Woman with statues of stagecoach pulled by horses
Yeah, these are the only working animals I can handle. Find out now how people and animals worked together on the wagon trails across America. Oh, and this isn’t a covered wagon that’s being depicted in Omaha, Nebraska, but a stagecoach. Wagons across America were seldom pulled by horses. Image: Annette Laing, 2022

This is the podcast version of this Annette Tells Tales post about the animals that pulled the wagons to California (and Oregon). Both post and podcast are my take on the work of my fellow historian, Diana L. Ahmad, in her marvelous book Success Depends on the Animals, which I recommend to you.

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