I'm Annette Laing, renegade history professor, Brit in the US, and your irreverent and entertaining tour guide to American (and British) history that connects with us. Start with this orientation! 
ANNETTE TELLS TALES People would rather die than go there. That was their point. But what if you entered one anyway?
Quick News from Non-Boring House
ANNETTE TELLS TALES Americans Who Support the British For Their Own Liberty, and Who Keep Fighting After the British Leave
What if TripAdvisor were a thing in the 18th century?
Much More (or much less) Than Is On the Tin!
Podcast: The First Day of the BlitzListen now | 40 Mins. How Do People Cope When Their World Suddenly Ends? Lessons from the London Blitz.
A BIT OF HISTORY: Random Stuff From Annette's Collection It's 1919. Disneyland won't open until 1955. So Mrs. Harcus goes to Coney Island.
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