Jul 26, 2021 • 17M

Podcast: A Black Craigslist

Podcast: 17:09: Two Men and a Horse, and Race in Early Virginia

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Annette Laing
Podcast versions of historian Annette Laing's Annette Tells Tales posts at Non-Boring History, read aloud in Annette's inimitable British accent.
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Head and shoulders portrait of African man
NOT Anthony Johnson. We don’t know what he looked like. Picture: Albrecht Dürer Portrait of an African Nobleman (1508) Public Domain

Two men in rural Virginia agree to the sale and purchase of a horse. Both men are Black. The year? 1660.

A story that leaves us with the lingering sense that things might not have turned out quite as they did.

This is the podcast version of my post, A Black Craigslist: 1660, based on T.H.Breen and Stephen Innes's classic book, Myne Own Ground.

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