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Quick News from Non-Boring House

On the Road Again

Hitting the road to New England later next week, to the land of Pilgrims, witch-hanging puritans, and almost every early American history cliche you can think of.

Needless to say, I have my own take on New England, and I’ll be posting about it.

Stay tuned to find out where I go, and what I have to say. Expect surprises.

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The Holiday Approach

I can tell the holidays are on their way. Not only are there Christmas trees in Costco, but twice this past week, I’ve been asked by ineptly marketing strangers to sell you guys stuff in exchange for a kickback. My response? No. Bloody. Way.

I write about books and museums I believe in, and if I were serious about making money, I would be writing fawning stories about celebs, who would then Tweet about it, not about dead people. Actually, I would be in a much more lucrative career, like managing a KwikTrip. But I digress.

The only “products” I sell for my own benefit are my own work: Subscriptions to Non-Boring History, and copies of my series of novels, The Snipesville Chronicles, the entertaining romps of three modern youngsters unwillingly swept into three hundred years of British and American history, none of it from textbooks.

My books are for ages nine and up, but don’t be embarrassed to buy them for yourself: Many of my most avid fans are adults. You would be amazed.

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