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Back to the Classroom . . . Virtually

Annette surrounded by kids
Fourth graders love me because we’re the same height! Or maybe because they just enjoyed my presentation of Gone West, in which we pretended to travel with covered wagons all the way to Gold Rush California. Image: Annette Laing

Many of my readers here at NBH may not know this, but after I was a proper professor of history, and before I was writing for you, I was writing for and entertaining ten year olds!

All the same thing, really. Wait, did I say that aloud? Ahem.

Annette with kids and copies of her books
With Liberty Elementary Book Club kids in rural south Georgia. They read Don’t Know Where, Don’t Know When, the first book in my series, and then demanded to read the second book! True story! Ask Mrs. Craven if you don’t believe me! Image: Annette Laing
Annette with teens
With 7th graders at University School of Milwaukee, an independent school where classes read my books and participated in my Could You Be A Victorian Teen?presentation three years running. Image: Annette Laing

ANYHOW, I've been a guest author in schools for the past 12 years. I don't just sit there and talk about my novels, you know. Perish the thought. I offer six rollicking programs on the Non-Boring History behind my books, for grades 3-12.

And most of my talks are now also available virtually.

Like on Zoom!

Learn more here (with cool pics and videos):

About Annette's School Visits

Know a school library media specialist, a classroom teacher (especially in grades 3-5) or a PTA parent? Please don't let me stop you from shoving this up their noses! 😂😂😂


Another Distinguished Historian Says Something Nice About Non-Boring History Without Being Paid

If you read Virginia Scrambled With a Side of Bacon, my most recent Tales post (about a populist revolt in America in 1676), here’s what Dr. Jim Rice, the author of the book on which it was based, has to say:

I thought that it was fantastic! I may have to borrow from your blog the next time I lecture on the subject 🙂

--James D. Rice, Walter S. Dickson Professor of English and American History and Chair, Department of History, Tufts University, and author, Tales from a Revolution: Bacon’s Rebellion and the Transformation of Early America (2012)

Lovingly Handcrafted by Annette

Clever and Charming Time-Travel Adventure — Kirkus Reviews

Looking for a holiday gift for your favorite reader (ages 9 to adult)? My very own Snipesville Chronicles series takes three unwilling young adventurers on an amazing journey, through Britain and America over three hundred years, from rich people’s mansions to coal mines, from 18th century forests to a middle-class home in WWII England. What does it all have to do with them, and the little town in which they live? Why is the past such a pain? How do you live in it?

Hurry for a personally-signed and discounted set of The Snipesville Chronicles in time for the holidays at Annette Laing.com. And get free shipping, too, with promo code NBH2021.

Our fairly friendly Customer Care Gnomes at Non-Boring House are standing by at their little keyboards!

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Comeback Kids

Occasionally, some of my best posts go out on the wrong day, or otherwise didn’t get the attention I think they should. So here are three of them for a second chance, begging for your consideration.

When Franklin Roosevelt comes to visit a town in rural Georgia, bringing affordable electricity for the very first time, everyone’s excited.

What could possibly go wrong? Hold the President’s beer.

Non-Boring History
Let There Be Light? FDR Is In the Dark: 1938 (Part 1)
Read more

A thirtysomething couple move from Maryland to Indiana, and launch a successful business. Five years later? They’re bored. That’s why they take up vanlife, and drive all the way to California in search of new adventures. Good timing! It’s 1850, and Ledyard and Margaret Frink arrive right in time for the Gold Rush. Bad timing! There’s also a pandemic.

Non-Boring History
Margaret and Ledyard Go West: 1850 (Part 1)
OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA, 1897: The Widower Since his wife’s death, Ledyard Frink has been preparing to self-publish the travel journal Margaret kept of the journey that brought them to California nearly a half century ago. His friends and family often tell him that they would love to have their own copies. They promise to read it. And besides, the project ga……
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