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PODCAST Silky Stories (Part 1)
PODCAST Silky Stories (Part 1)
ANNETTE ALOUD Why Gross Little Silkworms Mattered So Much in Early Spanish America, and Why We Should Care
Silkworms on mulberry leaves
Happy silkworms feasting on yummy mulberry leaves. Gold ring for scale. Image: Source
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Note from Annette

Today, enjoy one of my periodic podcasts!

My next written post, on Saturday, will catch up everyone on News from Non-Boring House, plus, for Nonnies (paid subscribers) only, I’ll take a look back after twenty years at the very first program I organized for the public: An outdoor history event for kids in the small Southern town of Statesboro, Georgia, which later inspired my time-travel novels.

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Today, here’s your chance to listen to the first part of my epic two-parter on Unravelled Dreams, historian Dr. Ben Marsh’s book on the rise of sericulture (silkworm farming) Yeah, I know that doesn’t sound thrilling. But please trust me: It is, and investing your time will make you glad you did. And Part 2 will seal the deal.

This is the post that’s featured in this podcast.

Non-Boring History
Singing Silky Stories (Part 1: Spanish Version)
Hello from Annette I'm not a silk fan. I only once gave into temptation, splurging on a silk blouse. I immediately regretted it as soon as I realized I couldn't just chuck it in the washing machine. Okay, I was just trying to break it to you gently that today's subject is silkworm farming…
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Here’s industrial-scale silkworm cultivation today, in Japan:

Part 2 of the podcast will appear soon, when we’ll follow the silkworms’ tale to England and Virginia. It’s a whole other story.

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