ANNETTE ON THE ROAD: Paris, London, and Monroe, WI
A BIT OF HISTORY: Random Stuff from Annette's Collection. A coin is not just a coin. It's a time traveler.
A Black CraigslistListen now (17 min) | Podcast: 17:09 Two men and a horse in 1660: The start of a story in American history that could have had a very different ending.
Checking InI appreciate everyone who's engaging in Non-Boring History, whether by reading, donating, sharing, or talking, and especially my most dedicated …
ANNETTE TELLS TALES What do we have in common with Victorian farmworkers? Be surprised.
The Remains of the PlagueListen now (3 min) | A Tweet from 1350 Aimed Right at Us
How Do I Choose A Subject Like Eugene Bullard for Non-Boring History? Most Of The Time, No Clue.
ANNETTE TELLS TALES A Black American Teen Exits Jim Crow Georgia for an Alternate Universe in Which He Can Be Himself. And What a Self.
Quick Bulletin from Non-Boring HQHi, all! I’m preparing to give three different three hour teacher workshops on African-American history next week, plus working on a post for yo…
Rebecca Nurse is Canceled.Listen now | Podcast (11:33) A respectable and beloved elderly woman finds her world turned upside down. A story that resonates with today. Told by Non…
ANNETTE ON THE ROAD That's right! Hoosen and I are giving away the carefully-curated stuff we collected.
ANNETTE ON THE ROAD The Stories We Find By Going Off-Script.