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Thank you Annette for this lengthy story. I had eagerly been waiting for it to enter my inbox upon reading in Saturday's article about its imminent arrival today.

I have one observation concerning the hypothetical conversation at beginning of post where a reader stated lack of interest in the subject. I respectfully request that no-one complain to Annette about her content choices. As creator and author of NBH, she has exclusive discretion regarding what to write about in her newsletter. If a reader doesn't want to read a particular nBH posts, simply delete it from inbox. Then, wait patiently and excitedly for Annette's next article.

With my statement above having been clearly articulated: in an ideal world, every NBH reader would read everything Annette writes and sends to readers' inboxes. I absolutely do! However, I comprehend that my choice does not necessarily represent the choices of free subscribers or my fellow Nonnies (paid subscribers).

Everything written in this comment is intended as 100% seriousness. I sincerely appreciate your wonderful mission, Annette, of sharing stories about history on a variety of subjects!

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Thank you, Annette and the backroom Gnomes. I look forward to part 2.

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What a fabulous piece. Religion based PR (and I’m not religious by any wild stretch of the imagination unless one consider “The Church of Pie” my chosen denomination...the treats at social hours between services are what bring people back week after week, right?) is a classic study for marketing promotions. Looking forward to Part 2, Annette.

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