What’s Non-Boring History?

Is one or more of these you:

You read historical fiction, but find history books unappealing.

You hated high school history, but wish it hadn’t been so dull.

You feel that history ought to connect with the world we live in now, but find that most of what is available for the public is dry stuff that only interests history buffs.

Well, hello there! You’re in the right place. I’m Annette Laing, and I write Non-Boring History for people like you.

I’m a renegade ex-professor of history (quit, not fired, thank you), a Brit in the US, a mother and keen baker, ready to serve you with heapin’ spoonfuls of non-clickbait history.

I’m your tour guide through a big variety of subjects, and I have years of engaging hungover freshmen at 8 a.m. under my belt.

So I write mostly about American and British history (my doctorate is in early America and modern Britain), with a strong thread of Black history, because did I mention I was a faculty member in the Africana Studies program at Georgia Southern University? That, too.

I explore widely within those much-bigger-than-you-think fields, because non-boring history focuses on things I’m already passionate about, and things I want to learn, and share with you. My bias is to cultural and social history.

This stuff ain’t fluff: If anything, the standard narrative that people think is history often is. What I focus on is the stuff historians write, the subjects that really do help us understand why things are the way they are, and once we know that change has happened in the past, it gives us hope and strength for the future.

I write for my readers, not just for myself. I trained as a journalist, and since then, I have always written for the widest possible audiences that enjoy and value what I have to offer.

I’m bound to offend you eventually, no matter your views, because I do facts and snark, but I hope by then we’re friends, and you’ll forgive me. Old-fashioned to think I can reach people across the political spectrum? No, real. We can do this. And we must.

You can read more about me and my things I do here. Already hooked? Sign up for a subscription: Free, or to support my work and get full access, paid monthly or annually.

Annette Laing in Sierra Nevada Mountains, in search of the people of the Gold Rush
Annette in the Sierra Nevada mountains, standing by her covered wagon in which she just traveled from Independence, MO. Okay, it was a Toyota. Happy now? Photo: Annette Laing, 2018.

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