Occasional Blasts from the Past: My older work, some never released before, and my memories of historical travels past, including entertaining takes on various museums and historic sites.

THROWBACKS Dover Castle and Kenilworth Castle, Britain, 2008: A Historian Homeschools, and Learns When To Let an 8 Year Old Take Charge
THROWBACKS: Taking an Eight Year Old to the Historic Houses of the Atlanta History Center in 2008.
THROWBACKS That Time I Threw Caution to the Wind, and Homeschooled a Third Grader
THROWBACK, 2013: A Gentle and Ancient Sport That Brings People Together. Doesn't That Sound Good?
THROWBACK: Originally published in 2008
ANNETTE ON THE ROAD The Mothership of Sheds, kept for the past seventy years as a shrine to its famous owner, George Bernard Shaw. Sort of.
Annette on the (Pre-Pandemic) Road
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