THROWBACKS Bringing The American Civil War to People Who Hate Military History. Like Me.

February 2023

ANNETTE ON THE ROAD/THROWBACK SPECIAL Rosa Parks, a Cast of Thousands. Plus Annette Misses the Bus in Montgomery.
ANNETTE ON THE ROAD/THROWBACK SPECIAL Annette Drops By a Sports Field Where a US President Once Offended and Thrilled
THROWBACK History and Humor Flock Together, Notes from 2008
THROWBACKS Nearly Thirty Years After a Jaunt Along America's Most Iconic Highway, Asphalt Nostalgia Has Its Limits

August 2022

THROWBACK Looking Back on a Long Stay at Colonial Williamsburg Thirty Years Ago, and What I Learned. You May Be Surprised.
THROWBACKS In 2014, Visiting the Thames Tunnel, 19th Century London's State-of-the-Art . . . Thingy . . . That Became More State-of-the-Art as It Got…

June 2022

THROWBACKS Annette (Brit in America) Takes Americans to London in 2007, In the Footsteps of Early Transatlantic Travelers

April 2022

THROWBACKS My 2015 Visit to Ickworth, A Massive English "Stately Home" Shown Differently

March 2022

THROWBACKS Visiting The Strangest "Library" Ever: A Luxurious Library for the Dead. Introducing the History of Death in America

February 2022

THROWBACK A Visit to Britain's Beamish Museum in 2008, photos from 2013, and News from Non-Boring House in 2022

January 2022

THROWBACKS Dover Castle and Kenilworth Castle, Britain, 2008: A Historian Homeschools, and Learns When To Let an 8 Year Old Take Charge