Occasional Blasts from the Past: Historian Annette Laing's older work, some never released before, and Annette's memories of historical travels past, including entertaining takes on various museums and historic sites.

THROWBACK Looking Back on a Long Stay at Colonial Williamsburg Thirty Years Ago, and What I Learned. You May Be Surprised.
THROWBACKS In 2014, Visiting the Thames Tunnel, 19th Century London's State-of-the-Art . . . Thingy . . . That Became More State-of-the-Art as It Got…
THROWBACKS Annette (Brit in America) Takes Americans to London in 2007, In the Footsteps of Early Transatlantic Travelers
THROWBACKS My 2015 Visit to Ickworth, A Massive English "Stately Home" Shown Differently
THROWBACKS Visiting The Strangest "Library" Ever: A Luxurious Library for the Dead. Introducing the History of Death in America
THROWBACK A Visit to Britain's Beamish Museum in 2008, photos from 2013, and News from Non-Boring House in 2022
THROWBACKS Dover Castle and Kenilworth Castle, Britain, 2008: A Historian Homeschools, and Learns When To Let an 8 Year Old Take Charge
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