Annette Aloud

Podcast versions of my Annette Tells Tales posts, read aloud in my inimitable British accent.

Podcast: Sarah Knight's Great American Road TripListen now (60 min) | A Boston Widow Travels Solo on the I-95 Freeway (sort of) to New York. In 1704.
Podcast: Black Americans and Covered WagonsListen now (27 min) | When African Americans Went West, Two Stories from Shirley Ann Wilson Moore's "Sweet Freedom's Plains"
Podcast: The Workhouse EffectListen now (49 min) | How Attitudes to the Poor Embraced Cruelty
Podcast: Meet Dr. Shirley Moore (Audio)Listen now (22 min) | Author of "Sweet Freedom's Plains: African Americans on the Overland Trails", This Historian is Correcting Myths About Westward…
My Chat with a Historian Who's Changing How We Think About the West
Podcast: How To Be PoshListen now (51 min) | Lessons from 18th Century America
Podcast: The First Day of the BlitzListen now | 40 Mins. How Do People Cope When Their World Suddenly Ends? Lessons from the London Blitz.
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