History and Memory

How does the public "remember" the past? How do such memories change over time? How does that memory compare with the actual sources? Historian Annette Laing introduces you to one of her beloved topics in academic history, and the work of scholars who write about it. Prepare to be surprised, even shocked!

HISTORY AND MEMORY What Have Historic Houses and "Living History" Museums Like Colonial Williamsburg Put In Our Heads About History? And Why?
HISTORY & MEMORY An English historian who hated Scots (and deep-sixed his public reputation) has something very important to say about identity.
HISTORY & MEMORY Myth-Making That Has Blighted Lives for Over a Century. Part Two.
ANNETTE TELLS TALES Myth-Making That Has Blighted Lives for Over a Century, and not just in the South
HISTORY AND MEMORY A sitcom about WWII you either never heard of, or are sick of?  Keep Calm and Carry On! Cheers!