Bits of History

Stories about stuff from historian Annette Laing's eclectic collection of random objects. There's always much more to them than first appears!

A BIT OF HISTORY Random Stuff From Annette's Collection: A Lasting Reminder of Changing Attitudes Toward the Poor on Both Sides of the Atlantic
BITS OF HISTORY An Unusual Coronation Souvenir Sells the Royal Family with Packets of Cigarettes
BIT OF HISTORY What Distinguishes This Monopoly Board from Others? (No, It Doesn't Guarantee There Won't Be Upset Losers)
A BIT OF HISTORY: An Immigrant Family Make a Return Visit Home to Scotland from New York on the Eve of WWII, Bringing a Little Gift with Big Meaning.
A BIT OF HISTORY Random Stuff from Annette's Collection: A 50 Year Old TV Tie-In Book, The Show It Was Written For, and Non-Boring History
A BIT OF HISTORY Random Objects from Annette's Collection: The Codd Bottle, A Brilliant Recyclable Green(ish) Glass Bottle from Long Before Anyone Heard…
A BIT OF HISTORY Random Stuff from Annette's Collection: An 18th Century document is boring even to this historian, until she holds it in her hands.
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