Historian Annette Laing interprets amazing stories from history (much of it hard-to-access academic work) into a voice you'll enjoy reading. Here's a way to connect to things you never knew you never knew, but you'll be very glad to know about. If that makes sense . . . OK, it's a sampler of what's out there.

ANNETTE TELLS TALES Continuing our Chat with Englishman Bill Moraley About His Failure to Find the American Dream. . . in 1729
ANNETTE TELLS TALES Forget the Potted Bios for Black History Month: Mary "Mollie" Church Terrell, Up Close, Continues to Amaze
ANNETTE TELLS TALES A Life That Makes No Sense: Born into Slavery, Raised in Wealth. Her Fame Rose as Her Income Fell. Meet Mary Church Terrell.
ANNETTE TELLS TALES Meet Englishman Bill Moraley, Who Failed to Find the American Dream
ANNETTE TELLS TALES Silkworms Promise Riches in England and Virginia. But Will the King's Dreams Go Up in Smoke?
ANNETTE TELLS TALES Tales of A Luxury Worm That Crosses the Atlantic, from a Historian With Global Impact
ANNETTE TELLS TALES Ricardo the Anarchist is in Prison in Arizona (and still has his supporters fooled about what he really thinks)
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