When historian Annette Laing isn't reading and writing for Non-Boring History at home, she's visiting museums and historic sites as a tourist, often to museums on subjects that, like most people, she's not familiar with, as well as those she knows. Read Annette's travel adventures here, and see how one historian deals with history on the road

ANNETTE ON THE ROAD Our Odyssey Through Harriet Tubman's World
ANNETTE ON THE ROAD Annette's Quirky Selection of Portraits, Familiar and Not, at the National Portrait Gallery in Washington DC
ANNETTE ON THE ROAD Following Orville and Wilbur into the Wright World
ANNETTE ON THE ROAD Flying Around Wright Brothers Sites in Pursuit of Unfamiliar Familiar History
ANNETTE ON THE ROAD A Spectacular Address, and Lessons in Sustainable Living, from 800 Years Ago
ANNETTE ON THE ROAD A Lightning Stop in a Tiny Town That Was Once A Center of Battle for America's Soul
ANNETTE ON THE ROAD 20th Century Hero Worship in Small-Town Iowa
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